A Good Plyometric Cardio Circuit For You

An extensive plyometric cardio circuit is not recommended unless you complete a proper warm up routine. Ensure proper warm up procedures.

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You probably know that you need to warm-up but do you actually do it? It’s very important for plyometrics. Warming up your muscles will help to "wake-up" your muscle fibers for better results and help prevent injuries to your joints and muscles.

Warm-up drills raise your body temperature helping to reduce muscle and connective tissue damage. They also increase the speed of nerve impulses to your muscle cells thereby improving the reaction time in your muscles.

Plyometric Cardio Circuit Warm-up Drills

Warm up drills won't increase your core temperature but will help "wake up" your nerves, improve joint range of motion, properly prepare your muscle fibers and muscle groups elasticity and improve reaction time. Once you do light warm ups you can do some light stretching exercises.

Always be aware that you won't improve with a Plyometric Cardio Circuit unless your nutrition program is on-par.

Pick one or two of the following plyometric cardio warm up drills to do. Change them up for each day you do plyometric workouts.

  1. Jogging Warm-ups: This isn’t regular jogging, in this case you will jog on your toes not letting your heals touch the ground.

  2. Marching Warm-ups: Do a strict march for a specified time or distance. It’s that simple.

  3. Skipping Warm-ups: Get a good skipping rope and skip until you start to sweat.

  4. Lunge Warm-ups: Any of the following lunge variations are good. Do not use any weights however. Walking; Front lunges; Reverse lunges; Side lunges; Crossover lunges; Directional lunges.

  5. Footwork Warm-ups: This can include either multi-directional side shuffles or shuttle drills.

  6. 2-Point Stance Warm-ups: Get in a 2-point stance and keep your upper body in a stationary position as you move sideways down a line. Your feet cross over as you go down the line.

  7. Backwards Running Warm-ups: Get in a running position with a slight bend forwards and run backwards.

Plyometric Cardio Circuit

The following plyometric cardio circuit can be used to dramatically improve your fitness level. Make sure you see your doctor before starting any plyometric or fitness program.

  1. Squat Thrust: From the top of a push-up position jump your feet forward around your arms into a squat with your arms above your head. Put your hands down to the floor and jump back to the start point.

  2. Side Bounds: In a ¾ squat position with your feet shoulder width apart raise your right foot and push your body to the right using your left leg. As soon as your right foot touches do the same to the left.

  3. Box Jump: Use a low box if you’re just starting. As you master this exercise increase the height. With your feet at shoulder width lower into a squat and explode using your feet and swinging your arms to land up on the box. Carefully jump back and repeat.

  4. Plyometric Push-ups: In an angled push up position with your hands on the side of a weight bench instead of the floor, do an explosive push up so your arms are straight and your hands are no longer touching the bench.

  5. Split Jump Lunge:  With your legs in a lunge position use your front leg to push yourself up into the air and switch leg positions. The leg that was in front is now behind you.

  6. One-Leg Hops: Start by standing on one slightly bent leg while keeping the opposite one off the ground. Hop to the side of the leg touching the ground then back to the start. Finish your hops on this leg before changing to the opposite one.

Use this plyometric cardio circuit as part of your overall fitness program and you will rapidly reach new goals.

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