Plyometric Circuit Training

By using a good plyometric circuit you will be able to improve your athletic performance and your over-all fitness training level. While the exercises presented here are considered basic by athletes, rest assured they are very effective.

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A good plyometric circuit program will allow you to improve your athletic performance and your over-all fitness training level. While the exercises presented here are considered basic by athletes, they are very effective.

Plyometric training consists of intense exercises that are used to improve your explosiveness. This type of training will use quick muscle contractions.

With plyometric training your muscles and tendons are in a pre-stretch phase just before going into very strong contractions.

In this phase your neuromuscular system gets ready to contract your muscles and tendons at a much faster than normal rate. As a direct result your muscular power is increased.

Doing a plyometric circuit improperly can injure your joints and muscles. If you are unsure on how to any fitness training programs seek out a personal trainer.

Before starting your plyometric circuit you have to warm-up. A cool down period at the end is also recommended. Light stretching should consist of stretches of 15 to 20 seconds repeated for 3 to 5 times.

A cool down period performed after your drills are complete will help to relieve muscle soreness and return your muscles and tendons to a "pre-training state". At this time you can do more focused stretching.

Make the results of your Plyometric Circuit much better with the proper nutrition.

A Plyometric Circuit That Works

Squat Jumps: Stand with both your feet shoulder width apart and look straight ahead while maintaining an upright position (meaning your back needs to be straight).

Bend your knees until you are in a squat position. Stay in the squat for a moment then jump straight up with as much force as possible ensuring both of your feet have left the ground at the same time.

You may find it helpful to stretch your arms up high above your head as you are jumping. This will help get a little extra force out of the exercise.

Medicine Ball Throws From A Bench: You can also lie on the floor but we'll use a bench here to describe it. To begin, lie on a bench while holding a medicine ball. Keep the ball close to your chest as if you were going to do a close grip bench press.

Push the medicine ball straight up towards the ceiling. You need to do this in a thrusting manner and allow the medicine ball to leave contact with your fingers. You don’t want to throw it so high that it is more than 6 inches from your hands.

Catch the ball and return to the start position and repeat.

Jump Lunges: Stand upright with your feet shoulder width apart. Keep your back straight and look forward. Then take one step forward using your right leg and bend at your knee. Lower your body and make sure your right thigh is parallel to the floor.

Begin in this position and push your body upwards with as much force as possible using your right leg. While in the air switch legs so that you land in the lunge position with your left leg in front. Repeat with your left leg and keep switching legs with each jump.

Plyometric Push-ups: From a regular push up position on the floor with your hands shoulder width apart. Push your body up as if you were doing a regular push up but use enough force to lift your hands off the floor.

When your hands touch the floor again on the downward motion, lower your body down to come in contact with the floor once again and repeat.

The above mentioned plyometric circuit exercises are very effective and regardless of the type of training you are involved in or the type of sport you participate in.

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