Plyometric Exercises And How They Work

All plyometric exercises have the potential to cause injury because they place considerable stress on your body.

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Plyometrics are advanced training techniques that should be performed under the guidance of those with the knowledge and experience to assist you.

Plyometric training exercises involve explosive activities (i.e., jumping onto and down from objects, bounding up and down stairs on one or both feet and high speed training) to convert muscle strength to power.

Plyometric exercises train your muscles to reach maximal strength in the shortest time…muscle strength plus speed equals muscle power. Plyometric exercises will train your neuromuscular system so that it may respond quicker to increased loads.

When performing Plyometric Jump exercises think of "hanging in the air" for as long as possible, keeping your shoulders parallel to the ground at all times.

The 16 Best Plyometric Exercises

Before continuing, is your nutrition up to par in order to handle the stress of Plyometric Exercises?

1. Jumps From Squat Position...

Begin in a squat position and jump upwards as high as you can. Land on both feet back in the starting position and without any delay jump up again. Continue with this until you have completed the number of reps you need to. Your hand placement should be at the back of your head.

2. Split Jumps From Squat Position...

Start in a squat position and with your legs at shoulders width jump up and forward as far as you can but landing on your right foot only. Then without hesitation, jump off your right one and land on your left.

Then, jump off your left one and land with both feet. Then start over, this time however, land on the left one first. Continue until you have finished all the required reps.

3. Split Jumps – Cycled...

Start in a lunge position and jump up and while in the air switch your front and back positioned legs before you land. You must land back in the starting lunge position again. Without resting, repeat the exercise remembering to always switch your leg position while in the air of each rep. Your arms should be kept at your sides.

4. Single Leg Jumps...

Use one leg at a time and begin by standing on one leg with your arms at your sides. Bend your leg slightly and jump as high as you can and land on the same leg. Continue with the recommended reps then switch legs.

5. Double Leg Jump With Forward Tuck...

Stand on both legs and jump as high as you can while at the same time bringing your knees up to your chest. Wrap both arms around your knees while in the air for a quick second then release and land on both feet. Continue without resting in between.

6. Two-Leg Vertical Jump...

From a squat, place your arms behind you a bit and jump as high as you can and extend your arms up as far as you can. When you land bring your arms down and back again and repeat.

7. One-Leg Vertical Jump...

Exactly as the one above with the exception that you are using only one leg at a time. You will jump and land on using the same leg then switch when all reps are completed.

8. Two-Leg And One-Leg Bounds...

These plyometric exercises are done in the same manner as plyometric exercises #6 and #7 above. However this time you will jump forward as much as you can trying for distance with each leap

9. Two-Leg And One-Leg Speed Bounds...

This is primarily performed in the same manner as the above mentioned plyometric exercises with the difference that you now bring your feet to your butt at the high point of each bound.

10. Sideways Hopping...

You need some sort of hurdle or other item to hop over. Football step-over bags work great for this. Standing on one side of the hurdle jump sideways over it and land on both of your feet at the same time. Without resting jump back right away. Continue going back and forth until you have completed the number of reps needed.

11. Box jumps Using One Or Both Legs...

Use up to eight plyometrics boxes positioned around three to six feet apart spaced at an even distance.   
Begin a foot or so in the front of box number 1 and jump up landing on the box with both feet. You can also do this one using just one leg at a time to add variety and intensity. As soon as your feet touch jump onto the ground in front of box number 2. Without any stopping continue going until the end.

12. Abdominal Throw From Front Position...

Kneeling down on the ground grab a heavy ball and hold it above and at the back of your head with both hands. Using your ab muscles propel your upper body forward and throw the ball.

13. Abdominal Throw From Side Position...

You can use a partner or a concrete wall with a heavy ball that has the flexibility to rebound back to you. Stand sideways to the wall/workout buddy. Hold the ball on the side facing away from the wall.

Plyometric Exercises

Twist your body, just at the waist, towards the wall and throw it. Then holding this position catch the ball and return to the start. Continue with your reps then switch sides.

14. Abdominal Situps With Heavy Ball...

You will require a partner for plyometric exercises like this one.

Begin in a sit up position but raise you upper body up to the up position. Your partner will stand a few feet in front of you and gently throw the heavy ball to you. You catch it and allow the force and weight of it to push your upper body back to the floor while keeping your feet flat.

Just an inch or so before your upper back touches you will perform a sit up then do a chest pass back to your partner from the upright position. Without delay your partner throws it back to you and you continue.

15. Heavy Ball Toss From Chest...

Again use a partner or concrete wall and a heavy ball that has the ability to rebound back to you. From a standing position use both hands to propel the ball forward from your chest with an explosive pushing action. When the ball returns to you at your chest level again, catch it with your hands (do not let it hit your chest) then repeat the action again.

16. Plyometric Exercises - Explosive Push-ups...

Use a flat bench if possible and place your hands on the bench as if you were going to do pushups on one side of it. Your back and body should be straight with only your toes on the floor. Do a push up but use enough strength so that your hands completely leave the bench. Then catch yourself in the starting position again with your hands on the bench.

What Plyometric Exercises, Drills & Workouts Do You Find Very Useful?

Do you use any unique and effective Plyometric exercises, drills & workouts? What was your experience with them? What results did you notice? Do you have a good or a bad story to tell about your own experience with certain Plyometric exercises, drills & workouts? Or do you have some good information that we may have missed? Let others know!

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Top 10 Plyometric Exercise For Any Sport 
Pistol squat jumps. I use this plyometric exercise for basketball. It took me a year to master this exercise with my dominant leg. Form is incredibly important. …

Plyometric Super Jumps 
This plyometrics exercise is simple to perform but very effective. First get near a basketball hoop. Take a running start and leap off one foot and …

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