Use A Protein Chart To Track Your Intake

Using a protein chart to track the amount of protein you eat on a daily basis you will not only improve your cardiovascular fitness, including your cholesterol but your strength, endurance, weight loss and anti aging efforts will also improve.

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You always know at a glance how much total protein and grams of protein, total calories of your protein etc. you have eaten per day.

Further down this page you will find a protein chart, but first you must learn some important facts about protein and calories in general.

Protein Calories

A calorie is a measure of energy. Science defines a calorie as the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by one degree Celsius. In the laboratory, the calories in food are determined by measuring the amount in 1000 calorie units called kilo calories.

But in everyday language, this term has been shortened to just calorie when the amount of energy in food is described.

Thus, a 165 calorie bagel is really 165 kilo calories.

There are 4 calories in each gram of protein regardless of the type of protein it is.

Referenced in the Protein Chart below is the best whey protein powder for fitness and anti aging in general.

How Many Calories Do You Need?

Your body needs energy for growth, maintenance, and physical activity. The energy (calorie) intake suggested is around 2200 calories.

These calorie levels are if you are average height and engaged in light to moderate activity. The number of calories you need depends on your height and weight as well as, your age, body size, physical condition, and physical activity.

Younger people require more calories than inactive people. When the food you eat provides more calories than your body needs, the excess calories are stored as fat and you gain weight.

Do All Calories Count?

Yes...all calories count, regardless of the food they come from.

Your body weight will not change if the calories you eat match the calories you burn. And protein calories count in this aspect as well.

Eat more than you burn and you gain weight; eat less and you lose weight. Whatever calories you eat in excess of what you need; whether fat, protein or carbohydrates -- get stored as fat.

There are three ways to unbalance what is known as the Energy Balance Equation, in order to lose weight:

  1. Eat fewer calories than you normally burn.
  2. Eat the calories you eat now and increase the amount you burn, or
  3. Do a little of both of the above by increasing what you burn and decreasing the amount you eat. This is the best option, and will guarantee your success.

People who suffer from diabetes and other problems also benefit greatly from a protein chart. Just ask your doctor or fitness professional, they will agree.

Protein Chart

Whey Protein

7 - 24 g per scoop

Cottage Cheese

14 g per 1/2 cup


6 g per 1 large egg

2 % Milk

8 g per cup

Yellowfin Tuna

25 g per 3 oz


23 g per 3 oz


23 g per 3 oz

Canned Tuna

22 g per can


23 g per 3 oz

Lean Ground Beef

18 g per 3 oz

Chicken / Turkey Breast

24 g per 3 oz

Roast Beef

18 g per 3 oz

Beef Jerky

13 g per 1 oz

Navy Beans

20 g per cup


13 g per 1/4 cup

Peanut Butter

4 g per tbsp

Mixed Nuts

3 g per oz


4 g per oz

Green Peas

7 g per cup


8 g per cup

With a protein chart you'll know how much protein is in the food you're eating and how to adjust things immediately for success. It is just one of many tools you need to use to encourage and motivate you towards clean eating.

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