Rome CAN be built in a day

by Javier Maggiolo
(Miami, FL USA)

Hi, my name is John I am 14 years old. Since I started boxing classes at age 12 I loved to work on my body.

After I changed sports from Boxing to Muay-Thai (Thai Boxing), I started noticing quick muscular development. I've always been a skinny person with well amount of muscle and I have never had to deal with issues on weight. As soon as I read some articles on body building I began to become an excersise fanatic.

I started doing 10 hours of tennis a week 3 hours of Muay-thai a week, 4 hours of surfing a week and 6 hours of gym and anything I could get my hands on. I began to increase the amount of food I eat and I have grown about 8 cm. in the past year.

I have a 6 pack and I am working on an 8 pack, I can move my chest area. Big muscles and look like a VIP jaja. All my friends call me when they are in trouble because they know I can easily take 4 guys my age even though I look 16 because of size and muscles.

I love being a body builder even though my parents don't and I will always continue to be one.

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