Scotts Fitness Training Joint Pain

I have a personal fitness trainer on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I also train on Mondays and Fridays but without my trainer.

I rest on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. I do 10 minutes on a stationary bike to warm up and get my heart pumping, do my abs then weight for 30 minutes with my trainer we do what he calls supersets we get more done in the 1/2 hour than most get done in an hour.

Then I finish up the rest of my fitness training session without him and then get my cool down on the stationary bike. It's usually about a 2 hour work out. I do lower one day upper the next off on Wednesday and then the same on the next two following days. My trainer pushes me to do strength training and I'll tell you I'm pushing some weight.

Now my question is I've been getting tendonitis in both elbows and sore rotator cuffs. Now I've been in construction as a framer for 20 years but for the last 10 I've been a superintendent so I'm not swinging a hammer anymore. I want to build muscle and I've been training for over three years and have seen significant changes.

I want a defined frame but is strength focused fitness training causing my joint pain? A couple other guys at the gym say I'm pushing to much weight and should resort to defined training using less weight but more repetitions? I'm 48 6'-5" and started out at 202 lbs 3 years ago body fat was 23% now I'm at 235 and dropped body fat to 19% any suggestions?


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