Simple Exercise Tips For You

The simple exercise tips here will cover simple exercises…bodyweight exercises.

You can do simple exercises and get into great shape while avoiding the following...

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•    Expensive equipment
•    A gym
•    A lot of precious time
•    Hard work

There are as many ways of developing your body using bodyweight exercise methods as there are of moving your muscles.

Types Of Body Weight Exercises

All help to build up a strong, hard, flexible body.

Simple Exercise Tips include proper nutritional intake. This cannot be overstated…nutrition is key to your anti aging and fitness success.

Simple Exercise Tips For Bodyweight Exercises

Simple muscle tension can help you improve your fitness.

If you flex any muscle to its maximum power and contraction, and hold it there for a few second while in peak contraction it will grow in strength and development.

A body builder said that when he was 14, he felt his arms and shoulders were weak and he wanted to lift weights but was too self-conscious. He went to a metal shop and bought a short, 12-pound bar of steel, because it was inconspicuous and easy to hide.

He made up his own exercises and said he had as much fun with that steel bar as he would have had with a complete gym.

A few years later, he discovered a friend of his was doing the same thing. His "barbell" was a crankshaft from an old car. He kept it in his bedroom for years, lifting it and working out for an hour or two every couple of days. He wasn't a husky guy— but his arms were like steel.

Even though these two individuals were lifting weights, kind-of, they did not use traditional weight lifting or strength training equipment or techniques.

Regardless of where you live, you can always dig up something to throw around and lift. A bar of metal, a length of pipe—even a long-handled shovel can serve as a light barbell when you're starting out. You may have to perform more repetitions, but you'll soon feel the weight.

Simple Exercise Tips For Your Neck:

If you want to strengthen your neck muscles, try the pillow exercise. Place a pillow against the wall at your shoulder level, and push into it with your head from different positions.

From the front, use the top of your head and forehead. Twist sideways and push with the sides of your head. Finally, turn around and push with the back of your head.

Simple Exercise Tips For Your Wrists And Ankles:

Do rotation exercises. Rest your right leg on your left knee, and grasp your right ankle with your left hand. Then, describe a complete circle with your toes: first, counter-clockwise for forty rotations then clockwise for another forty. Do the same with your left leg.

Simple rotation exercises can be applied to strengthen your wrists.

Simple Exercise Tips For Your Shoulders, Forearms And Abs:

Can you climb a rope? It's a good way to develop arm and shoulder strength, a strong grip, good abs.
This is hard at first, then it gets easy; and when it's easy, it's fun. Keep trying every day.

You need a good sturdy 20-foot length of rope, and a solid, live tree. The rope should be knotted securely to a branch at least 15 feet off the ground.

Learn how to lock your feet around the rope, so you can stop at any point on the way up or down. You can come down slowly that way, so that the rope doesn't burn your hands.

Simple Exercise Tips For Your Lower Body:

Practice your jumping and build up the spring in your legs. Jump across streams and ditches. Jump to the side, and up in the air. Pull down a leaf from that branch that's just out of your reach— or is it.
Practice your running and racing.

Build up your legs and wind with dashes and cross-country jogs; try some imaginary broken-field running.

Plyometric training is great for your lower body. Start by clicking on the button in the left margin to learn about plyometrics.

These are simple exercise tips but you can make up your own exercise routines. Use your imagination. Anything you do to put continued tension on a muscle is a good exercise.

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