The Steroid Facts You Need To Know

The steroid facts that are never reported in the news is that the steroids can have both positive and negative effects on you.

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Most people are looking to improve their physical performance and to gain a competitive edge to enhance their success in various sporting events

Steroid Facts

But the biggest reason for using steroids is simply to take the easy way to get a great body instead of putting a little bit of effort in.

The temptation to find an easy way to increase physical capabilities is tremendous.

Many people try various types of supplements (some legal and others not) or go a step further and acquire steroids to try and get the positive physical effects of steroids even if it is a risk to their health.

Some steroids may give you some short-term gains but these gains (that not everyone in body building will experience) may do more harm than good down the road.

And they won’t help in the long term with your anti aging struggles.

The goal of this section on steroid facts is only to give you the realities and is not in any way to promote or suggest that you try any steroids or illegal supplements.

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If you need to increase your testosterone to build more muscle or for health and anti aging reasons then here are the Steroid Facts you need…use the best alternative.

There are only a few positive effects of steroids that can be noted.

The first positive effect is of course an increase in your over-all lean body muscle. This happens due to an increase in your body's ability to produce the proteins needed for intense muscle contractions, energy production and the storage of energy.

The second is strength. Some steroids may help to regulate the movement of calcium in your body's cells, which can lead to an increase in the speed and force of the contraction of your muscles.

Not so positive steroid facts include a noted increase in aggressive behavior which although it may help you to do more physical work it can often lead to undesirable consequences and can compromise your results.

In general, the possible positive effects may include:

  • Increased muscle size
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Increased aggression
  • A perception of improved performance
  • Increased motivation
  • Decreased fatigue

Your muscles do need to be stressed to the point where they have no choice but to increase in both size and strength in order to meet the effective workload they're constantly placed under.

Your strength and size gains are achieved by your ability to increase the amount of protein inside your muscles. Your protein requirements are controlled by nitrogen balance.

You must be able to eat an adequate amount of The Best Protein Powder throughout the day and be able to process, absorb, and retain nitrogen to support your efforts.

The stress of intense weight training will promote catabolism. Catabolism causes muscle to break down however certain steroids allow a state of anabolism or muscle protein formation.

They enhance the anabolic process (the production of new muscle).

Some steroids include the ability to improve nitrogen balance by reversing catabolism. When this happens muscle protein synthesis is supported at ultimate levels.

There is also a belief that steroids can stimulate the growth of new protein inside your muscle cells and the cells of other tissue in your body.

Steroid Facts...
Are Steroids Legal?

Are steroids legal?


Steroids are illegal and banned in all sports and sporting events. You cannot manufacture, sell or buy any steroids.

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