The Atkins Diet Is Driving Me Crazy

If I hear any more people tell me about the Atkins diet I think I'll go crazy. It seems like it's been around forever and regardless of how much controversy there is surrounding the Atkins diet millions of people still swear by it.

I personally don't believe in it but what am I supposed to say when there are so many people are telling me that they are losing a lot of weight on it?


Sadly I didn't make this a way of life and thought of it as a diet. I lose all the weight I wanted too and so did the gals in my office we all was on this.

However as the months went on I stayed on it and they didn't and they gained their weight back. I stayed around the same until I had a terrible death in my family and I lost more and then I didn't care and I ended up eating all the time and now I need to lose weight again. I hope I can do it again I just don't have the heart that I did have.

People what really want to lose weight can on the Atkins diet.


I sure know how you feel. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people who follow the Atkins diet plan have made a conscious decision to do so. Regardless of how you feel, nobody wants to be told that they made a bad decision. People on the Atkins diet often get so caught up in the Atkins books that they usually close their mind to any other possibilities when it comes to dieting, at least in the short term.

For the most part you should congratulate people for making a commitment to follow through on something as hard as dieting and encourage them when the diet disappoints them. It's better to leave them thinking that you are a caring friend rather than someone who is waiting to find fault with their choices.

When you try to explain the downside of any restrictive diet, such as Atkins diet, it's far more effective to discuss the benefits of what you preach than it is to tear apart some other program.

Remember it in their mind this type of diet keep their mind open by avoiding confrontation and they are intelligent and with the proper prompting and the right info, it may take time, but they'll come around eventually to a more effective way of losing weight, such as sound nutritional habits.

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