Thigh And Butt Exercises Needed

by Sian Mchugh

I am 47 years old, fit, healthy. I am a curvy shape and have little problem with my body waist up. However, my bum and thighs never seem to change however much I exercise. I am now at an age where I really want to work hard to tone them and keep them in shape.

I appreciate a lot of how we look is due to genetics but PLEASE can anyone help me to maybe just tone them up by an inch or so. I currently run 3 miles twice a week, do gym session twice a week which includes cardio and weights.

At the moment my waist is shrinking and everything else staying the same. I am also very confused by nutrition. Some views are to eat very high protein diets, but how can people operate without carbs, I can't think straight if I don't eat properly.

Do you think there are some body shapes that find it difficult to lose weight?


I'm 48 yrs old petite and have a hourglass figure, struggling with lower body flab , it takes low carb - low fat protein, lots of water and squats and lunges w/ weights to control the problem and some cardio and stretching for overall fitness.

by: Taanya


I am an individual who has experienced weight loss that was can I re-gain the "fat" or at least build up muscle so that my upper thigh area looks more big and curvy? also how do I work on the outer thigh muscles so that they become bigger? I wish to make them bigger because I am very tiny, and want bigger and thicker thighs (outer, upper, and inner)

What exercises are suggested?

I am currently doing squats, but I feel that I am losing fat around the sides of my upper thighs, when that is not what I want.

Thanks a lot in advance!


I am a personal trainer in Los Angeles and I have studied this subject a lot (almost finished the ebook on this) ... Stubborn fat.

To really really summarize.. there are Alpha and Beta receptors on all fat cells. Both are stimulated by the sympathetic nervous system. When stimulated (very simplified) the Alpha receptors block the breakdown of fat and the Beta receptors start the breakdown of fat.

Each fat cell has both Alpha and Beta and how the cell responds depends on which is most dominant/numerous. You guessed it, women have more Alpha receptors on the lower body (men usually have more around their midsection and backs).

These Alpha receptors dominant over the Beta receptors and so fat is not broken down.

Their is no magic answer but Alpha receptors are insulin sensitive so it would make sense that low carb diets might help ... no need to go no carb, but consider the carbs that you eat and those that illicit the least insulin response are good .. my advice ... scrap all processed foods and eat fruits, veg and small amounts of grains

Aerobic exercise will also help .. but change it up, don't do the same thing over and over .. there is so much evidence out there that the body adapts really quickly to do doing the same old thing. Do some moderate long duration exercise and do some high intensity, shorter duration exercise.

One other thing that I have not tried myself. Yohimbine is an Alpha antagonist, so in theory it should act as an Alpha receptor blocker. I have never tried this, I do know some people don't tolerate this supplement well, but I have also spoken to girls who have used it with great success ... I cannot advise on this only tell you it as a theory.

I will have my ebook out shortly on this very subject, which will explain in more detail, but I hope this helped.

Joanne Lee

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