Clean Eat Diet

by Bianca

I use the clean eat diet. Although, I must say it is not so much a diet, it is simply a way of life.

This consists of organic fruits with reduced or no harsh chemicals, nothing packaged because anything packaged is proccessed. This also includes veggies, and lean meats such as turkey, chicken and fish.

I eat 5-6 small meals consisting of these foods as well as drinking plenty of water. I personally, when it comes to dairy, drink skim milk, low-fat to non-fat yogurt and other dairy substitutes. I find this to work very well and lost weight since i have consistently and faithfully been following this diet, or should I say way of life!

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Diet With Cooked Oatmeal Cereal And Prunes

by MalaikaAngela
(Richmond VA)

Hi my name is MalaikaAngela.

I've tried the "Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet" and must say it works very well in increasing systemic water loss due to water retention.

If your feeling "bloated" and your clothes are fitting a bit too snug then this is a system that will help you lose a few pounds due to water retention.

Admittedly I agree with the author of this page: you cannot lose any real "fat" weight other than water and very precious muscle mass.

A very natural and effective way to lose weight is to maintain regular bowel movements.

Eating one or two cups of cooked oatmeal at night followed by four to six prunes will assure you a good bowel movement in the morning.

Following this recommendation on a daily basis will bring you into a balanced homeostasis enabling you to re-set your metabolism and reach an ideal body weight.

Simple, easy and safe!

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Lemonade Diet

by Robyn

Also known as the Master Cleanse Diet, this diet is 10 days of nothing but spicy lemonade, laxative tea at night and oral enemas in the morning. Be prepared for frequent bathroom visits and expelling everything you've ever consumed out of your body. I only lasted 5 of the 10 days on it but it sure works!

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