Upper Arm Exercises That Work

Your weight lifting program must include upper arm exercises that are the best possible. Some arm exercises will help to improve other areas of your upper body and will give you an over-all strong, fit appearance

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If you have weak or under developed arms you will have a very difficult time with other upper body exercises.

Your upper arms, more than almost any other muscle group, will get the most positive or negative comments from people, depending of course on the over-all development of your upper arms.

Regardless if you are male or female, upper arm development can draw attention to your over-all physique and can have either a positive or negative affect on your self-confidence.

If your upper arms are thin and weak or flabby you won’t feel very comfortable wearing certain clothes.

For any upper arm exercises to work, whether it's the Best Biceps Exercises or Exercises For Triceps you have to use a variety in different combinations in order for your arms to develop - regardless of what goals you have.

The main reason for your lack of good upper arm development is more than likely due to 2 things...

  1. A lack of variation
  2. Inadequate periodization

By incorporating specific upper arm exercises at specific times over the duration of your exercise program you will be able to not only prevent over-training but you will be improving all the different parts of your upper arm muscles.

This leads to a much greater level of success.

The list of arm exercises that you can do is almost endless. You can do dozens using free weights, numerous types of machines, different exercises with body weight, and on-and-on.

You can also perform almost any of the best arm exercises in a seated, standing, incline bench or lying down position.

Unfortunately most people don't realize many arm exercises stress your arms in the same manner and as such, should not be used in the same arm workout.

A good example is doing seated dumbbell curls and standing barbell curls in the same workout. Both of these are a couple of the best arm exercises you can do however, they work your biceps in the identical way.

The Best Upper Arm Exercises

Here is a short list of the more productive upper arm weight exercises. There are many more than this but this will help you get started.

  1. Standing Barbell Curl
  2. Close Grip Chinup
  3. Bottoms Up Clean from Hang Position
  4. Cable Preacher Curls
  5. Supine Bicep Curl
  6. Barbell Reverse Preacher Curl
  7. Bench Dip
  8. Tricep Extensions
  9. Bent Over Cable Extension
  10. Dumbbell Incline Tricep Extension
  11. Seated Dip
  12. Tricep Rope Pulldown
  13. Two Arm Cable Pushdown (heavy stance)

For proper arm development you need to use upper arm exercises that hit your arms from every possible angle for full muscle fiber recruitment.

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