Different Vertical Jump Test Methods

Regardless your sport, the vertical jump test is very important to see if you are making gains or not. No other plyometric test will give you the same feedback.

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Most people associate the vertical vertical with just basketball, volleyball, etc. but it's very important for all other sports both amateur and professional.

The measurement of your vertical will determine key areas of athletic performance and will be used by coaches to make selections on athletes.

Your vertical jump is your ability to lift your body straight up in a vertical plane using only the strength, flexibility and contractions of your muscles. It’s an assessment of how high you can jump off the ground from a neutral position.

Your Vertical Jump Test Options

The best vertical jump test you can do yourself, if you don't have a vertical tester is to position yourself up against a flat wall. Ensure you're on a flat, stable surface. Concrete or preferably a gym floor will work the best.

Outside on the ground isn't good because one foot or both feet may be supported by softer ground.
Reach up as high as you can with one hand while keeping both of your feet completely flat on the floor. Have someone mark the highest point you can reach.

Take a few jumps while in a standing position. After each jump have someone mark off the point where you touched. The distance between your first jump (when you were standing with both feet flat on the floor and reaching up) and the highest point you were able to reach when jumping will be your vertical distance.

While this may be the easiest and cheapest vertical jump test option it's not the most accurate.

One very accurate vertical jump test method uses a pressure pad. It's used to determine the time it takes you to complete your jump. It measures when you leave the pad and then land on it again with both feet.

Then a using what is called a kinematics equation, a computer will determine your vertical and take into account the length of time you are in the air. This of course can be "beaten" by pulling your knees up resulting in a false measurement. That's why a trainer must be present to verify the jump.

Another way to measure your vertical is through the use of an infrared laser. The laser is placed at ground level and as soon you jump up and break the beam with your hand your vertical is calculated.

A simple piece of equipment called a Vertical Tester is the best way to do this but unfortunately a lot of training centers don't have them.

How To Increase Vertical Jump Height

Using proper and focused plyometric exercises to jump higher will help you regardless of current conditioning and fitness levels.

At the same time you will also increase power, speed and quickness.

Plyometric training will help you strengthen your knee and ankle joints. With every plyometric training session your joints become stronger and more stable. When you strengthen your joints you will help to prevent injuries from occurring during training sessions and sports events.

You can start by going to our Plyometric Training section by clicking on the link near the bottom of this page.

Reasons To Increase Your Vertical Jump

Like all athletes you will think about aspects of your training and skills and at some point will wonder how to increase vertical jump height.

All sports both professional and amateur require physical testing to determine if you are physically fit to play. A vertical jump test is just one of the tests you will be required to do at some point.


Your vertical jump is a key measure of leg strength and quickness. If you have a good vertical, coaches know immediately that you have good strength and quickness in your lower body.

Don’t forget that proper nutrition plays a key role in your Vertical Jump Test.

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