Which Vitamin Benefits Interest You?

Vitamin benefits are many but not with all brands have them. Some vitamins only work when combined with others.

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The reason vitamin supplements are so crucial is mainly because in the past fifty years there has become an epidemic of vitamin deficient foods. Food no longer contains the vitamins and other nutrients that are required for good long-term health.

Years ago vitamins and nutrients were replenished in the soil and transferred to into the plants, but since farming techniques have changed drastically, so has the vitamin and nutrient content of the crops.

To compound the problem is the fact that vitamins and other nutrients are lost when storing, drying, freezing, and processing your food.

Only in the late 20th century did the medical community finally admit that to receive the vitamin benefits you need for long-term health, vitamin supplementation is necessary.

Specific Vitamin Benefits

vitamin benefits

Here are just some of what you need to take in order to achieve the more important benefits.

  • Beta-carotene has many benefits including possibly protecting against cancer and heart disease. It can boost your immune system and act a powerful antioxidant. It can also improve your vision and combat skin disorders, such as psoriasis and eczema, protect your throat, mouth, and lungs from pre-cancerous cells.

  • Biotin is used by your body in the metabolism of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. It helps in energy production and there is some proof that it can help people with diabetes by keep glucose levels reduced. Other benefits include healthy hair, skin, and nails, reducing fatigue, heartburn and some allergies.

  • Folic acid is known as a vitamin for women who are trying to conceive and those who are already pregnant. But other benefits include helping to make you heart healthy, an increase in energy and a role for in helping to combat Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Vitamin A is a very effective antioxidant. It is plays a role in maintaining healthy vision, keeping the cells of your skin healthy, helping relieve skin disorders, often to treat acne and wrinkles, boosting your immune system and helping to heal any wounds you may have. Some studies have also shown that vitamin A may help insulin regulate blood sugar levels, a big vitamin benefit for people with diabetes.

  • Vitamin B12 is important because a deficiency can lead to health complications such as nerve damage, weak muscles, depression, memory problems, fatigue, anemia, and stunted growth in children. Other benefits include the formation and regeneration of red blood cells, your body’s manufacture of DNA and RNA and the proper functioning of nerves.

  • Some benefits of vitamin c include a few that you may already be aware of including: a role in the production of collagen and an ability to help in the healing of wounds. Other benefits of vitamin c: it has an ability to boost your immune system, protects artery linings and it may help in the prevention of cataracts.

  • Vitamin E benefits include being a potent antioxidant and having a possible role in the protection against heart disease. Other vitamin E benefits are that it may help protect against some types of cancers, boosts your immune system and help as an aid in the healing of injuries. Additional vitamin E benefits especially for the elderly, is that some studies have shown it can boost their immune system.

  • Vitamin K benefits blood clotting and helps to strengthen bones and counter osteoporosis.

The list of vitamins and their own benefits goes on and on...

Synergy And Vitamin Benefits

You will not get many vitamin benefits if you take single vitamins. This is due to the fact that most vitamins and minerals do not work by themselves.

Not all vitamins and minerals are alike, and some are more readily absorbed and others. Very few of the vitamin supplements available today contain ingredients that are more than minimally bioavailable, thus reducing the benefits you receive.

Most of the quality ingredients that are highly bioavailable take up more physical space in the pill.

This means that supplements of higher quality will actually be a bigger pill, and require that you swallow more than one pill per day in order to receive the full vitamin benefits.

Have A Great Story About Vitamins?

Do you currently, or have you ever, used daily vitamins? What was your experience with daily vitamins? How did it affect your health? Do you have a good or a bad story to tell about your own experience with daily vitamins? Or do you have some good information that we may have missed? Share it!

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