Do You Need Any
Weight Lifting Equipment?

If you plan on working out at home then the weight lifting equipment you choose can cost you anywhere from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars for just a single item.

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The first thing you need to do is determine exactly what your goals are and then determine what the best equipment will be to help you reach your goals.

Weight lifting exercise, also known as resistance training, has been around for a long time and will always be the best way to improve strength, health physical appearance, etc.

In this section we are not going to be discussing home gyms and some weight lifting machines.

These topics are contained on another part of this site. Here the type of weight lifting equipment that will be discussed will include mainly free weight equipment.

As mentioned above, you first have to determine your goals before you start to look at any weight lifting equipment.

There are so many different exercises that can be performed for each muscle group and your individual muscles as well but in some cases a minimum amount of weight lifting equipment is all you'll need.

Here are a few more factors to consider when looking at buying weight lifting equipment.

Determine the amount of space you need. You have to allow for a few feet of space around all sides. The last thing you want to do is bump into something while exercising.

Cost is usually the determining factor when buying weight equipment.

The good thing about free weights is that you can work the majority of your body, including many different exercises for each body part, with little equipment.

One of the favorites for home fitness training is the power block. The power block is basically a complete dumbbell set that takes up the space of just one regular dumbbell set. With an adjustable bench you can basically work your entire body with it.

You just use a selector pin like you would on a weight stack in a gym. You can select the weight you want to use in 5lb increments. It's simple, safe and very easy to use.

For bodybuilding you should go with the pro set that includes the big block add-on, which increases the weight to 125lbs in each dumbbell. Most find that they miss out on a lot if they do not get the big block add-on.

"Key Weight Lifting Equipment"

Let's take a look at some other types of weight equipment.

Barbell Equipment:

Barbells can be purchased as a standard or olympic barbell. There is quite a difference in price, with the olympic bar costing quite a bit more.

The reason an olympic bar is much more expensive is because it's much stronger, safer and will last a lot longer. The standard barbell is not meant for much weight at all. Most olympic bars can handle around 1000lbs although most people will never use that much weight.

For the most part the standard bar is all you'll need for home use, unless you plan on lifting more than 200lbs or so. Olympic bars are the ones you'll find in gyms, but if you're lifting more than 200lbs at home you should invest in an olympic bar.

There are other types of barbells that can be used for specific exercises such as curl bars and triceps bars. With these it just comes down to your personal preference.

For the most part you will be able to effectively work all your muscles without any specialty bars.

Dumbbell Equipment:

Most brands of dumbbells are exactly the same. One difference is that you can get some that are chrome, which means absolutely nothing except a more expensive dumbbell.

The only main difference that means anything is that some dumbbells, such as the hexagon type are more prone to break at the handle if you drop them.

As you know, from what was mentioned above, most people’s favorite dumbbells are the power block. They come in different sizes, equal the same as a full set of dumbbells, but only take up the space of one set of dumbbells.

There are so many advantages to the power block that it's the only type of dumbbell weight lifting equipment recommended. It really has no equal.

Infomercial Equipment:

Infomercial equipment is not weight lifting equipment - enough said.

Regardless of what equipment manufacturing companies say, you need to choose what will best meet your interests and needs. Select equipment that is compatible with the type of workout you'll be doing.

Convenience is something else you should look at. List the both the positive and negative aspects of each type or brand that you're looking at and then make your decision.

Elsewhere on this website you'll find exercise equipment reviews on more specific weight exercise equipment.

Tell Us About Your Exercise Equipment

Do you currently, or have you ever, used the type of exercise equipment mentioned on this page? What has been your experience with this type of equipment? What exercise equipment do you like the best or like the least? Tell us why you feel this way.

Or do you have some good information that we may have missed? Share your story and let others know what equipment to avoid or to invest in!

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