Avoid Weight Lifting Injuries

You can read about my personal weight lifting injuries here. At the bottom of this page you can add your own story, if you have one, or read stories on exercise injuries of other visitors.

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Here's why I almost decided to do my fitness training at home and never go back to a gym…

One of the biggest problems in any gym is the people around you who don't respect the fact that fitness training in general and especially weight training can be dangerous at times. There are too many people who think that the gym is a social club and just walk around talking and acting like idiots.

Many years ago I was doing my chest workout at a local gym. I had been working out for almost an hour and was getting near the end of my training for that day.

It was at a time of the day when the gym wasn't busy at all. In fact, I was the only person lifting weights. This is the main reason that this particular day turned out to be not so good for me.

I was doing flat dumbbell press and was on my second last set of my weight lifting workout so I was very fatigued. I was using all of my concentration and focus to try and squeeze out the last rep on this set, when it happened.

Some idiot felt it necessary to come up to me and start talking as I was using all my strength to push the dumbbells up.

This guy didn't just come up to say hello, he came up from behind so I had no idea he was there and he stuck his face right above mine – yes that's right – he put his head right between my head and the 2 dumbbells I was pressing up and started telling me how "big" the weights were that I was using.

Of course I already knew how heavy the darn things were.

Needless to say, this surprised the hell out of me. The next thing that happened only lasted a total of a couple of seconds but it was enough to do a lot of damage.

The dumbbell on the right started to go further out to the right and the dumbbell on the left started to go back over my head. My first reaction which was totally automatic was to try and get the dumbbells back under control.

Unfortunately this put my entire body in a very twisted and unusual position. The next thing I knew it felt like my shoulder literally exploded. My left arm went numb right from my shoulder all the way to the tips of my fingers.

Somehow I was able to get both dumbbells under control and got them down onto the floor without crushing my skull.

This Resulted In The Following Weight Lifting Injuries...

  • Crushed ligaments
  • A slightly compressed spine
  • Torn rotator cuff
  • Broken wrist

For 6 months I was in so much pain from these weight lifting injuries that I had to take sleeping pills just to get a couple hours sleep each night. I also had to sleep in a perfectly still position in bed each night.

I never did find out who the idiot was who came up to me and caused all of this, but I did quit that gym and started doing my training at home for about a year.

I think anyone would think about weight lifting at home with the possible dangers that are always present in fitness centers.

Luckily I haven't suffered from any long term affects. Part of this is because I worked hard to rebuild my body and provide it with the proper nutrients needed for any muscle injury.

Through my experience I found some of the best products to take when dealing with weight lifting injuries.

I've also come across a couple that may help your body to fight off any minor exercise injuries in your bones and joints.

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