Do Not Waste Your Money On Weight Lifting Machines That Are Not Right For You

Different types of weight lifting machines can make a big difference in your over-all weight lifting regime. But are weight machines necessary, couldn't the same results be obtained with weight training equipment such as much cheaper free weights?

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First, weight lifting is something that almost every one, regardless of age is finally starting to do.

Weight training equipment is also exploding in sales for those who would rather do their lifting at home instead of a crowded fitness center.

It has been a proven fact for decades now that weight training is needed regardless of what your ultimate fitness goals are. You simply must lift weights to improve your fitness level and health.

There is an almost endless number of weight training machines you can use in any gym or health club. Most of this equipment is also made for home use and consists of:

  • Various types and brands of home gyms
  • Lat machines
  • Leg extension machines
  • Various types of leg curl machines
  • Smith machines
  • Cross-over cables
  • Leg press machines
  • Multi stations
  • Shoulder press machines
  • Chest press machines
  • Back row machines
  • Various biceps machines
  • Various triceps machines
  • And on and on

If you were looking at buying weight lifting machines or other types of weight training equipment for home use then your best bet would be a multi-station machine.

With most multi station machines you'll be able to work all of your major muscle groups and some smaller individual muscles. They are also very time-efficient, meaning you just have to adjust the pin on weight stacks and they are very easy to learn and get used to.

Another good reason for a multi station machine is safety. Since there are no free weights involved you won't have to worry about anything falling on you or get stuck under anything. You also won't need a spotter, so you'll be able to work out on your own - very convenient.

The only real problem with machine weight training equipment, unless you get one where you can add free weights to, is the fact that you are limited by the amount of the weight on the weight stack itself.

Most people won't have to worry about this because of the large amount of weight that comes with most of these machines but for some their strength may outgrow the weight stack.

"Make Sure You Have Enough Space For
Your Weight Lifting Machines"

Some of the multi station weight training equipment machines take up a fair bit of floor space, usually around 7 feet wide, 7 feet long and about 8 feet high, or so. So this is something you have to consider when making a purchase.

The plus side is that they still don't take up nearly as much space as free weights and all the extras you'd need to get a full body workout.

Remember, you can pretty much work your entire body with just one multi station machine without buying any extra free weights or accessories.

Most weight machines, especially the multi station machines tend to be a little more expensive than other exercise equipment. But when you factor in the cost of buying a ton of individual pieces to work the same number of muscles, it puts the price of weight lifting machines in perspective.

Weight training machines are a very good option when it comes to weight training for beginners. One of the reasons is that most weight training equipment machines will keep your body in proper alignment and reduce the chance of injury.

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