What Types Of Weight Training For Skiing Are The Best?

Your skis, clothing, techniques and weight training for skiing are all very important. Skiing imposes specific physical training demands on everyone who is involved with all types of skiing.

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All types of skiing will challenge your skill but in order to improve your performance and skiing fitness you must actively participate in weight training for skiing.

In addition, your ski fitnee training program must very specific skiing exercises that stress all the muscles used in skiing.

Before we get into the specific details about ski strength training programs we'll take a look at general ski fitness training. A high skill level is essential for all forms of skiing. Under most conditions, cross country skiing provides for the highest degree of over-all skiing fitness.

Ski fitness training is necessary because it is extremely easy to sustain a serious immobilizing injury while skiing. The potential for injury is magnified further when the muscles used in skiing aren't properly developed by specific skiing exercises.

So it's important not only to be a competent skier but a skier who actively participates in weight training. Even if you participate in general forms of fitness training, some level of fitness will transfer over to your skiing activities but since the muscles used in skiing are different, you should strive to customize your fitness training programs to incorporate weight training for skiing in anticipation of this.

Use of a ski machine does offer some fitness training specificity and assists with developing the coordination and the muscles used in skiing to a certain extent, but only weight training for skiing will take care of all skiing issues.

"Weight Training For Skiing Improves
Your Turns, Stops, & Skiing Technique"

Safe skiing for performance or recreation demands aggressive turns and the use of parallel ski techniques.

The slow forward lunge required to initiate a turn in back-country snows while wearing a pack puts you as a skier in a vulnerable body position. Just another reason why ski workout strength training is so important.

Before getting into examples of skiing exercises, lets take a look at some key ski fitness training requirements.

Downhill skiing is a tedious and dangerous physical activity. That is why you need to use fitness training methods that will ensure you possess the physical fitness level to perform this activity in a safe, effective manner.

Most fitness training and ski sports training experts recommend that everyone involved in downhill skiing have above average agility, balance and flexibility. These areas can be improved with effective weight training for skiing.

It's critical that an equal amount of time is spent on specific fitness training programs for skiing. Your body must be physically toned and conditioned through weight training for skiing so that the demanding requirements of downhill skiing can easily be achieved.

Fitness training and sports training experts recommend that a downhill skier get involved in an effective ski workout strength training and skiing specific fitness training program at least eight weeks before a downhill ski event.

Skiing fitness training should focus on muscular strength, endurance and flexibility for all the muscles used in skiing. This would include all lower body muscles used in skiing and muscle groups along with most upper body muscle groups as well.

Before starting your ski fitness training program you must properly warm up and perform some light stretching. As with all types of fitness training, warm-up and stretching activities are needed in order to condition the muscles for the intense exercise that's to come.

With your warm-up and initial light stretching, the blood circulation needed for stressful weight bearing exercises can be achieved, reducing your risk of serious injury.

A warm up and light stretching before ski workout strength training will help to protect your joints, tendons and ligaments.

"Weight Training For Skiing Warm Up Activities"

  • Treadmill: With a treadmill you can do a slow jog or even a walk for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Jump rope: A jump rope will get your heart pumping quickly and warm up your joints. Just be careful not to over-do it. Jumping rope can fatigue your body in a short time. Five minutes of steady jump rope is enough.
  • Perform a couple of sets of light weights using about 40 percent of the weight you will be using in your upcoming exercise.

Here are some basic cardio training exercises you can add in to your over-all ski workout strength training program. Basic cardio training is always part of any regular ski fitness training program.

  • Treadmill;
  • Ski machine;
  • Stationary bike;
  • Elliptical machine;
  • Rowing machine;
  • Jogging outside.

"Proper Nutrition For Weight Training For Skiing"

As with all types of fitness training your ski workout strength training program won't be as effective as it could be without proper nutrition. A good, well-balanced diet for fitness training includes ample amounts of protein, carbohydrates and some fat. Multi vitamin / mineral supplements are also important.

Ski fitness training and ski workout strength training are activities that require a lot of energy so it's advised that you shouldn't reduce your carbohydrates. But of course before changing your diet, exercising or taking any nutritional supplements you should consult your physician.

"Weight Training For Skiing Exercises"

Exercise #1: Full Barbell Back Squats

Step into a squat rack and use an over-hand grip to hold onto the bar with your hands placed a little wider than shoulder width apart. Position the bar across your traps and not on your neck. Keep your shoulder blades together and your head level.

To start this ski workout strength training exercise use your legs to un-rack the bar and take a step backwards. Standing with your feet positioned slightly wider than hip width apart, begin to lower your body by flexing at your hips and knees.

Once your hips have reached a position just below parallel to the floor push up with your legs (while keeping your feet flat on the floor) to return to the start.

During this weight training for skiing exercise keep your abdominal muscles tight.

Exercise #2: Lunges Using A Medicine Ball

skiing exercises

To start this weight training for skiing exercise stand with your feet hip width apart and hold the medicine ball in front of you.

Now, take a step forward with one leg and lower your body towards the floor at the same time forming a ninety degree bend at your hip and knee. At the same time as you are lowering your body, use both your arms and press the medicine ball straight up above your head.

To return to the starting position push off your front foot. Then continue by alternating legs.

Exercise #3: Good Mornings Using Dumbbells

Start by holding a dumbbell in each hand with your arms hanging straight at your sides. Keep your back flat, head looking forward and your legs straight and lean forward while at the same time pushing your hips backwards.

Return to the start by raising your body up and bringing your hips back to a normal position.

Exercise #4: Single Leg Calf Raises

To start, stand with your feet hip width apart while standing on the edge of a step on the balls of your feet. Now bend one leg behind you so that you are standing on only one foot.

Your foot on the step should have the heel hanging over edge with your toes pointing forward. Hold a dumbbell in the hand that's on the same side as the foot on the floor.

Push up to raise your heel up as high as you can, then lower as far as you can without your foot coming off the step and repeat for the required number of reps. Repeat for the other leg using the same directions.

Exercise #5: Dumbbell Twists

weight training for skiin

Sit on the floor with your hips and knees flexed at a ninety degree angle. Hold a dumbbell in front of you next to your body.

Start by moving the dumbbell to one side then the other while keeping your hips from rotating.

With this weight training for skiing exercise you will only rotate your upper body with the dumbbell.

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