A Look At What Weight Training Programs Really Need

Weight training programs & all types of fitness training programs need to use proper guidelines. Regardless of the type of programs you use, the following weight training essentials will keep you on the right track.

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Weight training basically comes down to doing the right amount the right way. Train too much, and you risk wasting a lot of time and energy going nowhere. Train without discipline or a plan, and you might find yourself destined for disappointment with your progress.

If want to see real development, you have to know your bodys limits and plot out your weight training course thoughtfully.

One of the biggest crimes weight trainers commit against themselves is overtraining.

It's understandable in a way.

Everyone wants great results as fast as humanly possible, so weight trainers reason that they can get that by training more and more every day.

In reality, giving your body a well-deserved week long or half-week long break from weight training programs now and again should be a integral part of your weight training programs.

How do you when it's time to start resisting the urge to head to the gym and perform weight training programs?

Listen to your body. If you feel that your development has come to a standstill despite intense training, you notice that you aren’t sleeping as well, or you just don’t feel as excited about training as you used to, it’s time to put the weights down.

For most people, this means taking a break once every three weeks or so. In rare cases where a trainer has their diet perfected down to the last calorie and enviable genetics, a person can go as long as three months before taking a break.

Even experienced weight trainers sometimes fall prey to the scourge of overtraining. The fact is, the longer you have been at it, the fewer repetitions are needed to get great results. Weight trainers who are looking to grow muscles and are just starting out usually require 10 to 15 reps to get the most benefits of exercise.

By the time you have three to six years of experience you can reduce that to 8 to 12 reps, and with six to ten years experience you can cut down to 6 to ten reps. Old pros with over ten years experience under their belt usually only require 4 to 8 reps for maximum benefit. If your main goal is muscle strength, cut those numbers of reps in half.

A well thought out exercise order is vital for weight trainers. After a weekend rest, the very first exercise you do will get the best results, so it’s smart to work the muscles that need the most development at the beginning of the week. Trainers who give into the temptation to train the muscles that seem the most "fun" usually run the risk of becoming imbalanced over time.

Switch it up to ensure optimized all around muscle development. When it comes to actually lifting the weights, people should more concerned with "how" than "how much." Throwing weights around quickly and haphazardly without any thought to technique or timing might be a nice ego boost, but it doesn't lead to muscle development.

"Tempo And Weight Training Programs"

Every weight trainer should school themselves in correct tempo strategies for lifting. Weight lifting movement in all weight training programs is divided into three sections: eccentric (lowering weight), the bottom of the exercise, and concentric (raising weight).

Tempo is usually expressed as approximate seconds, counted in the trainer’s head.

So for a tempo of 4/0/2, the trainer should spend four seconds on the eccentric portion, no time on the bottom, and two seconds on the concentric portion. The exact tempo you should use depends on your experience and goals, but bodybuilders should usually follow the "four second rule," meaning that all three portions should total at least four seconds.

So tempos like 2/1/1 or 3/0/1 are good ways to build muscle mass.

Proper breathing is also vital to good lifting: Breathe in during the eccentric portion of the exercise and breathe out during the concentric for best results.

As always, consult a personal trainer who knows your specific needs and can tailor a exercise plan and weight training programs that can best allow you to reach your potential.

Knowledge is great, but it is best when put the hands of someone with the experience to help you reach your goals.

The above article is courtesy of Chris McCombs. Chris is a Newport Beach personal trainer and he specializes in helping clients lose excess bodyfat and building lean muscle.

Help Others With Their Fitness Challenges

It’s a fact, all over the world there are many who share your fitness goals and are experiencing the same fitness challenges you are. They would all be very interested in knowing how you succeeded. What helped you, was it a certain type of fitness training program or exercise?

Or do you have some good fitness information or tips that we may have missed? Share it and help inspire others!

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