With My Fitness Plan I lost 18 lbs in 4 WEEKS-No Joke!!

by Patricia
(Fayetteville, NC, USA)

I lost 18 pounds in four weeks on my fitness plan. Honestly, its not that hard to lose weight if you put your mind to it.

When I enlisted in the military in 2005, my then weight was 160 pounds. I am five feet six inches tall, so it didn't look horrible on me, but I was definitely out of shape.

I couldn't run and I most definitely couldn't do a push up or sit up to save my life. However, after six and a half weeks of Basic Training, I had lost approximately 15 pounds. I vowed to keep the weight off, I loved how I looked and felt.

Immediately after graduation, I went to train for my job in the military. There were less restrictions, less exercise, and more to eat. Naturally, I lost sight of my goal and slowly gained the weight back; only this time, it multiplied.

After 2 years of going through life's stresses, and using junk food to cure my stress and appetite, my total weight was 187 pounds. This is when I realized, it was time to get my body back.

I made a decision to start going to the gym every day. It was a slow process, I kept missing days, and sometimes would just go straight to the sauna and call that my work out. I was getting nowhere. I wasn't motivated at all.

Until, my mother sent me a body suit in the mail that she bought for me. I called it a slim suit. It was hard to put on, but the results were remarkable to me. I wore the suit for about a month, and decided that it was too much to keep putting the suit on and i should look like that all the time.

I began looking at old pictures of me, and even carrying a photo of myself after basic training, in my purse.

I bought an MP3 player and went back to the gym. I began my workout by running for an hour on the treadmill or elliptical machine as fast as I could for as long as i could. I made sure to finish my hour. Whether walking or running. I would then do 45 minutes of circuit training; a total body workout.

After this, I would complete my fitness plan workout by doing three sets of push ups and sit ups, maxing out in each. To finish my day, I would sit for 10 minutes in the Sauna to help lose some of the water weight.

I did this for a month straight, weighing myself daily. I also changed my diet. I wasn't eating too different. I cut out the junk food, the bread, and the sugar. I was drinking lots of water. I would exercise any chance I had. After work, I would do Tae Bo, or just stretch on my own at home. I also did push ups and sit ups at work every chance I got.

At the end of one month, I had lost 18 pounds. I have yet to reach the goal i have set for myself, however i am confident that continuing this routine, I will attain my goal in another month and a half.

My workout was done without pills, or steroids. Lots of water, and perseverance.


by: Angelique

I read your story, and it sounds good. You went in the military, and got in shape. And with me, I cannot even enlist until i lose some weight. Total, i have to lose 40 pounds before i can even enlist, and so far, i have lost 22, so i just have to lose about 18 more pounds.

It is hard, and you have to put your mind 100% to doing it, not 98%, but a full 100%, or you will continuously mess up, and gain it back! lol.

But your story is motivating. And for whatever branch of the military you're in, congratulations to you, and thanks for your service to this country!

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