Yes, You Can Grill Vegetables

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Being healthy and working out means keeping a plethora of appliances that can help you eat better. One such appliance is your gas grill. Instead of using an unhealthy amount of cooking oil to prepare your dishes quickly, you can fire up the grill and get everything cooked in half the time. Some gas grills are better than most, but the thing is, you simply need a grill that can do the job. Whether you’re using one of the more modern ones with temperature indicators or the old fashioned charcoal grill, there’s something you can do to make your delicious lunch or dinner: grill some vegetables.

Roasting vegetables means you’re going to use dry heat to cook them. It’s like placing the vegetables inside the oven, but with less risk of overcooking. Roasting will also improve the flavor of your dieting staples. Let’s face it, boiling makes food taste bland, especially if you’re trying hard not to add salt to your dishes. If you grill the vegetables instead of boiling them, the additional flavor from the caramelized part of the vegetable can make it more appetizing.

Here are some of the most ideal vegetables for grilling or roasting.


Use the big ones for roasting, preferably those with flat sides for even cooking. Don’t worry if the potato skin turns black during roasting. That’s the peel burning, not the mushy, creamy insides of your potato. For best results, poke shallow holes on the top using a fork to release the pressure that builds up inside the potato while roasting. Bigger potatoes take longer to cook compared to small ones.

When done, you can pinch the potato open and sprinkle some herbs or hot sauce. Others prefer to squeeze yogurt instead of mayonnaise on the roasted potatoes for a healthier twist.


Cut the carrot lengthwise to get quarter inch-thick pieces. Roast them until you see grill marks on either side. Carrots are often eaten raw, so you don’t have to cook them too long. As soon as the attractive grill marks appear, you can remove the carrots from heat.


There is no need to cook turnips because they are flavorful and sweet enough when raw. But some people want to roast turnips because of the distinct improvement in flavor. Prepare the turnips much like you would some carrots for roasting. Wait until the grill marks appear then remove from the fire at once.

Zucchini and Okra

Zucchini pieces are a challenge to roast considering how succulent they are. The same goes for okras. For succulent vegetables, your main goal is to cook them at extremely high heat to avoid desiccating them. The crunchiness of the okra and zucchini will remain even when cooked thoroughly, but make sure to remove from heat as soon as the outer parts are brown enough.

Alesha Wilson writes about gymnema sylvestre for Natural Health Sherpa where she works as a staff writer.

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